Feebuilder Ltd has three trading arms:


Feebooster, the premium appointment setting service;


Feebuilder, the lead generation subscription service;


Feebroker, the complete solution for buying and selling blocks of accountancy fees;


Switch My Accountant, is a seperate internet-based brand targeting business owners which directs interested prospects straight to us.


Feebuilder Ltd was incorporated in 2013, having acquired an existing business, GRF Accountancy Marketing, now known as Feebooster.


GRF Accountancy Marketing was established in July 2001 and quickly became one of the market leaders in its chosen field – telemarketing exclusively for the accountancy profession.


In 2011, ten years after launching GRF, the original owners re-structured and re-branded the company as Feebooster, bringing about a fresh change by launching a menu of brand new pricing structures, services and SLAs, along with an innovative online Portal system for delivering and managing their accountancy firms’ appointments.


The present Director, Rhiannon Glacken has worked in the accountancy marketing industry for over 15 years, having started her career in 2004 as a Client Account Manager at GRF.


Feebooster has also retained the previous company’s key telemarketing staff, whose knowledge and expertise of marketing for accountants, gathered from years of experience, is second to none.