Additional Services

We also offer other services to accountants, namely:











Are you ready for a service that will revolutionise the way you gain clients?

  • Prospective clients looking to change accountants get in contact with us; we then pass on their details to you.
  • Local advertising, national presence.
  • A flat monthly cost, regardless of the new fees you generate.
  • Speak with business owners and qualify a meeting, from your desk.

With over 50 years combined experience in marketing accountancy practices throughout the UK we have developed Feebuilder. This new development will give you the power of national advertising at a fraction of the cost.


The process is simple, we advertise nationally using telecommunications,  newspapers, magazines, by ethical email marketing, business support companies (e.g. Chamber Of Commerce) and cold calling to find business owners who are actively looking for an accountant or have been highlighted to the fact that there is a local accountant who would be happy to have a chat with them on the phone about their accountancy requirements which would ideally result in a meeting and instructions being given.


At Feebuilder we fully understand the value of your chargeable time, which is why we would actively encourage you to have a good telephone conversation with each prospect and qualify the lead from the comfort of your desk, prior to a meeting. You can then be fully prepared for the meeting with any issues they have highlighted and how you can resolve them. If you decide after your telephone conversation that the prospect doesn’t fit your practice you can leave it there, with no time taken up in inappropriate meetings!


We guarantee to give you at least one prospect lead per month on average for the price of £125 + VAT per month. If we fail to deliver, you will receive free marketing for the following month. No quibble.


Other providers offer a ‘free’ service, then charge you per introduction; with us it’s a flat rate, regardless of the number of leads you receive, all for £125 + VAT!






Feebroker has a growing reputation as one of the country's most effective sources of buying and selling accountancy fees.

Our firm expertly attends to all your buying and selling requirements. Thanks to our experienced team, who have spent many years dealing with accountants all over the UK, coupled with our database of 22,000 accountantsemail addresses and 30,000 contact details,we know we can put you in touch with the right people. Whether you are looking to expand your practice or dispose of fees, our dedication and many years of experience will help. We can offer you support that you can really rely on. 

What makes us special?

Our quality deals are based on 13 years of experience in marketing for accountants; no one in the team has been working in marketing for accountants for less than 9 years! We strive to make the finest agreements that everyone is happy with.

What we offer

We offer a unique and true value for money service. We do not believe that there is another firm in the UK that has the huge database we have, which can put you in touch with so many firms or individuals. We can offer you help all the way, whichever side of the process you are on. From business value assessment, legal matters and clawbacks to

financing fee acquisitions, we can offer you comprehensive support on all matters.

How we will help you sell

At Feebroker we respect your decision on what you feel your fees are worth and the clawbacks you are willing and comfortable to offer; we don’t want to make those decisions for you. There are no expensive valuations forms to fill in, you know what you want to achieve. You also tell us why you feel your fee base is attractive to other firms, we will then act on your behalf to find suitable practices or new start ups who may be interested in your fee base.


We will advertise your fee base through our extensive database after you have filled in the (free) appropriate forms. We will put forward sensible offers from practices who have the finance available. We have also partnered with a leading funding company that works specifically with accountants.


We will act as the broker to ensure everything is kept completely confidential, we ensure neither party knows anything about each other until you are both happy to move forward. You will of course end up with a shortlist of acceptable candidates who have offered the most competitive deal, we move forward from that point and we will be happy give our opinion to help you make that final decision.

Feebroker: Here to help you buy or sell fees

Feebroker has a very well established reputation in the accountancy profession.


The entire team has gained vast experience in the past 13 years and this has helped us achieve a database that is second to none, a database of over 22,000 accountants opt-in email addresses. With this coverage of ethical email marketing we can reach out into the market like no other.


Whether it’s acquisition or sales, the majority of UK accountants will know about it. 

What we believe

Our assurance is that the deal is made with yours and the prospects best interests at heart in order to reach a happy conclusion to you letting your client base, or part of it, go. We also want to ensure a continual GRF for your successor.

The truth....

Ultimately, the recurring fees are the most important part of the deal. Choosing a suitable successor that can offer the same level of service will ensure that clawbacks are minimal, fee disputes are rare and you walk away with the deal you expected. We have found that the buyer is keener to build the practice and increase revenue and less likely to become complacent, great news for the vendor!

That's why we let YOU tell us what you want and we marry up that deal to the 22,000 accountants we are in weekly contact with. 

Our finance partner

Orchard Funding are our chosen partner to help guide potential buyers through the entire process of buying blocks of fees or full acquisition of a practice. Their knowledge is second to none!

Orchard Funding Ltd. is part of a financial services group, which has been operating within the short-term fee funding and acquisition market for over 20 years. They provide professional fee funding solutions as well as finance for purchase to accounting firms Orchard Funding is a customised financial solution that enables accounting firms to provide credit so that practices can increase their fee base. Feebroker are happy to recommend Orchard Funding to both our Feebroker clients and our Feebooster Accountancy Network.