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Feebooster specialises in telemarketing and digital cold outreach exclusively for the accountancy profession, arranging quality, qualified appointments for accountants with prospective new clients.


Simply specify the type and size of the companies you wish us to target, review our tailored database and our highly experienced team will secure appointments on a day of your choosing.


Many people think that telemarketing is an old method of cold calling prospective customers, so let Feebooster clarify one thing; It is exactly that!


This direct approach is a method tried and tested by Feebooster to provide our accountants with the opportunity to meet with decision makers and business owners. It does work and gives immediate results. Don’t underestimate the power of a timely telemarketing call in engaging prospects who prefer a conversation with a real, live human. In the ever growing minefield of social media, email and webinars, a well timed traditional telephone call can have more impact now than ever before. An experienced telemarketer having regular and relevant dialogue with your prospects can mean the difference between winning a new client and not even knowing the opportunity existed.





Feebooster keep the cogs of your practice turning!



At any given time, there are thousands of businesses looking to review their accountancy options. By meeting them, you could highlight some significant savings or improvements in the service levels that they may have been missing out on with their current accountant. Feebooster will identify these businesses in your area and give you the opportunity to meet and talk to the decision makers. There are companies close to you, who, through no fault of your own, could be signing for one of your competitors without knowing that you were just around the corner and willing to compete for their business!


Feebooster are finding that more and more businesses we are speaking to are not confident that their current accountants are maximising the tax savings within their business. As a result of this, clients are now more likely to review their accountancy options, making sure their tax liabilities are minimised. Over the past 18 months at Feebooster we have made our accountants more new client appointments than ever before!


We are very successful at helping accountancy practices grow their fee paying clients.


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Grow Your Clients; Grow Your Practice:

Our Director Rhiannon speaking at Professional Accountancy at the NEC in Birmingham



Grow Your Clients; Grow Your Practice:

Business Growth Expert Ian Luckett speaking for Feebooster at Professional Accountancy at the NEC in Birmingham

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