Feebooster Price Plans

It's never been easier to start up a marketing campaign for your practice with Feebooster. We listened to our clients and decided to introduce various price options including;


For RAPID GROWTH, look no further than our headline FEEBOOSTER Appointment Setting Service: 

This is our core plan and the most popular one, where Feebooster make you sales appointments and you pay a fixed price for an "attended" appointment, for an agreed quota of meetings each month. The fixed price you pay for your appointments is set according to the size of the companies you wish to target.


If you'd still like appointments set up for you but at a SLOWER RATE, we have "FEEBOOSTER LITE":

Here we book a lower volume of appointments, ad hoc, with no minimum quota and you pay for each appointment on a sliding scale according to the number of employees in the prospective company.



If you'd like CONSISTENT LEADS each month but you've got the time to set up your own meetings or you're working on a FIXED BUDGET, there's our FEEBUILDER Lead Generation Service:

We provide you with telephone leads, to follow up with interested prospects, for a fixed monthly fee. More info on the Feebuilder service can be found here.


If you just want to BUY A BLOCK OF FEES, our FEEBROKER Service can start the ball rolling:

Our team will approach selected accountancy firms on your behalf, to begin the dialogue.


You can also pay per hour for telemarketing for specific projects. 

This is billed in 10-hour blocks. We can undertake appointment making, client retention surveys, invites to seminars etc.



Coming soon - watch this space! Set yourself leagues apart from other firms by providing actionable strategic advice for your clients to scale and build more profitable businesses with their own bespoke growth blueprint. Grow your clients; grow your practice! More info on this service can be found here.



Coming soon - watch this space! We will use cutting edge, non-traditional digital marketing to help elevate your positioning in the marketplace and educate your prospective clients before you speak with them, so they better understand the difference a more proactive accountant can make to their business and they come to you warmer than ever before. This service does not require you to refrain from doing your own digital marketing - quite the opposite; it is designed to enhance your own efforts and amplify the results!



 *A Joining Investment of £475 applies to all price plans.


 ** Prices exclude VAT.


Please contact the Sales Team via sales@feebooster.com or

01582 476444 for full details or to discuss any of our services.


For a full breakdown on appointment costs and the different criteria please scroll down for our Price Plans PDF (instant download). 



Step 1: Find The Plan That Works For You

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Customise Your Plan With Any Add-On Services


Additional Services


Confirmation Calls (button ups)

For a small additional charge of £5 we can confirm every appointment on the morning of, or day before the meeting. We understand your chargeable time and want to avoid unecessary ventures out of the office!


Follow Up Calls

Again for a small additional charge of £25 we can make up to five follow up calls to the prospect after you have attended the appointment. The calls are usually made by the original telemarketer who booked the appointment thus ensuring continuity. The feedback can be invaluable as we will give you the good, the bad and the ugly as to how the meeting went. This can help you hone your sales skills!




Feebooster has a manageable price plan for you!




Step 2: Bonus Marketing Manual and Toolkit


For a full list of what you else get when you join the Feebooster service, click here.