What You Get

Once you have become a Feebooster client, you will receive a number of benefits, which, if used in conjunction with your accounting expertise, will help you gain and keep new clients.


The benefits include:


Feebooster Meeting Manual  

A comprehensive 70 page manual written in the main by a Chartered Accountant who has attended hundreds of appointments. It details how to get these appointments to turn into new clients. It also covers how we undertake the calling so you understand the process fully. The whole philosophy is definitely not a pushy sales approach and never will be.


Letters Kit 

A kit full of standard letters you can use to make your life easier and more to the point, letters that work. This includes standard proposal letters and standard brochures.



Call us as much as you want to discuss how it's going and what we can do to make it work better for your practice.


Part of the Feebooster Accountancy Network 

Often useful for smaller practices you may put on your letter head that you are a member firm of the Feebooster Accountancy Network to help make your practice look more substantial.


Dedicated Telemarketer 

This help ensure continuity and that we get to represent your practice as best we can, where possible, we like to allocate one telemarketer to your practice.


Databases for FREE* 

We will buy all your databases for you, as we don't want the cost of these holding you back from refreshing them as soon as is needed.


Fixed Fee Doctor 

A simple little tool you might like to try that can produce fixed quotes for you, or perhaps even produce a fixed menu of prices.


Tax Buster Healthcheck 

This is an 8 page checklist that can be completed by prospective clients themselves to identify tax saving opportunities. It comes in Word format so you can personalise it with your own practice details and use it as many times as you like. It can also be given to existing clients as well.


Profit Busting Healthcheck 

Works just like the Tax Buster but is for clients to identify profit improvement opportunities for their prospects.


Feebooster Portal System

Exclusive to Feebooster, our fully GDPR-compliant Portal helps you manage the admin of your appointments. It also has the facility to produce reports on the outcomes.


Appointment Sheets

You will receive an Appointment Sheet for every meeting, summarising the conversation we had with the prospect in question, so you are appropriately armed with information ahead of the meeting.


*Databases are free whilst you are marketing with Feebooster.




Additional Services


Confirmation Calls (button ups)

For a small additional charge we can confirm every appointment on the morning of, or day before the meeting. We understand your chargeable time and want to avoid unecessary ventures out of the office!


Follow Up Calls

Again for a small additional charge we can make up to five follow up calls to the prospect after you have attended an appointment. The calls are usually made by the original telemarketer who booked the appointment thus ensuring continuity. The feedback can be invaluable as we will give you the good, the bad and the ugly as to how the meeting went. This can help you hone your sales skills!





Above all, you will have a close working relationship with Feebooster! 


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