You The Accountant

It does not matter to Feebooster as to the size of your accountancy practice.


Whether you are a sole practitoner, multi-partner or mutli-office firm, Feebooster can cater for your requirements.


However, you should be prepared to offer clients the following as a minimum:

  • Fixed fees which include unlimited phone support.
  • A guarantee that their work would be completed on time.
  • Be willing to offer them some free advice at an initial meeting.


If you were not prepared to offer these to clients then this process is unlikely to work for you. We feel it is better to be clear about this up front, as our aim is to be fair and honest, so we can develop a long term relationship with you. We would only represent  practices for whom the processes are likely to work well and we will tell you before any agreement is put in place.

You will also need a hardworking and proactive approach to serving your clients. The processes Feebooster have in place have been tried and tested over several years and they work, but you must have the right attitude towards potential clients.


Once you have agreed to become a Feebooster client, you choose the postcode areas you want to work in, along with the size of the companies that you want to target. This is your choice and Feebooster will order the data that meets your requirements. The data will be forwarded to you for approval and to make any necessary amendments. On completion of your approval of the data, Feebooster will start your marketing campaign.




Feebooster will increase your fee paying clients!