These are just a handful of examples of what our clients have recently said about Feebooster:


Having reviewed the appointments arranged by your team in the last tranche of marketing I thought I would let you know that so far out of the last 8 appointments that I have attended, I have picked up 7 clients, with the 8th still to decide.  So the quality of the appointments has obviously been very good and I would like to thank everyone at Feebooster for the excellent work. Keep it up.!
Leicestershire Accountant
"I have been highly delighted with the quality of appointments and clients that the team at Feebooster have arranged for me. Although I have only been using the services since April, I have already gained seven new clients from the first ten that I have met. That speaks for itself and will be continuing to use Feebooster for the foreseeable future."
East Midlands Accountant

"I have used the services of Feebooster for the past 4 years and found that telemarketing is definitely the way forward to increase your client base. The additional services that are provided I find really help me to prepare in advance for the meetings. I will be continuing with the service and I would recommend Feebooster if telemarketing is how you wish to gain new clients."

Shropshire Accountant


"We have grown from £250K recurring fees to over £400K since being involved with you. Thank you for your help and support"

Midlands Accountant


"In the 40 appointments we have had since we started with you, 40% of them have already signed and we expect half of the others to as well. What's more, the average fees are far higher than the average for our area. As you know being a typical accountant I was sceptical but I've been absolutely amazed."

Devon Accountant


"Without doubt the investment we have made with you has been so worthwhile."

 Northamptonshire Accountant 


"This campaign for gaining new clients has far exceeded my expectations. I have signed up £25K of new work since joining a couple of months ago and there is lots more to come"

East Anglia Accountant


"Thank you to all the team at Feebooster who have helped me in gaining clients for my new practice. What a brilliant start and keep up the good work"  

Nottinghamshire Accountant 



Quotes From Our Clients Re: Specific Appointments


Below are a variety of comments made by our existing clients after attending Feebooster’s appointments over the past few months.


This customer feedback should help you gain an understanding of what you can realistically expect from the Feebooster process.


Due to the nature of the content, we have obviously not identified the accountancy firms, for their own client confidentiality purposes!


“Excellent lead. Potential for winning Audit, Undertaking an R&D Tax claim and assistance with software report writing. Doesn't get much better than this. Thank you.”


“Nice people. Good lead will get. Well done.”


“Nice tidy job. Very little compliance value bit big tax opportunities. Will get. Excellent Prospect. Thank you.”


“Again good lead. Will win. Nice job FB”


“Excellent prospect. Good chance of winning. Thank you.”


“Great lead. Won. Lots of potential opportunity. Well Done guys.”


“Good appointment. Good prospect of signing them up. Exactly the right kind of call!”


“Good meeting. Nice people. Should have good chance of signing up”


“Attended and appointed - Fee £1700 per annum plus £250 per quarter - fixed two years plus separate fee for parents tax returns.”


“Attended and a week later we have been appointed - over £2K per annum fee.”


“Quoted £950 plus £450 payroll. Also have a Jewellery business - quoted £450.”


“I attended the appointment and had a good conversation with the prospect. He appeared to be genuinely interested in reviewing the provision of his accountancy services. I was able to provide him with some advice on the current Partnership and the potential savings which could be achieved by operating through a limited company. Our fees are greater than he is currently paying but I think he appreciates that the advice he is currently receiving is not adequate. I have provided a quotation letter.”


“Good meeting - picked up as client for fee of £3,600 pa.”


“Very good prospect, T/O £1.5M, client unhappy with involvement of current accountants so have provided quote and looks promising, would be a very good addition to client list.”


“Good meeting with a strong desire from the prospect to change accountants.”


“Met the prospect and his wife at their home, two businesses, one is the franchise motor school the other is him as sole trader driving instructor. Offered quite a few good tips on tax saving ideas and think they were reasonably impressed. They also complemented Aileen on her professionalism so please do pass this on to her...both businesses small so combined fee probably circa £1.2K.”


“Very good meeting with the prospect, is not really happy with the degree of support he is receiving from his current accountants and so is looking to swap...bemused by new rules for LLPs so was able to help here and give some guidance looking at possible reincorporation. So lots to look at a very good quality lead.”


“Good meeting, very big fish, could be hard to land but hopefully will be well worth the effort.”


“Met with prospect, pretty straight forward business and has been with current accountant 10 years...was impressed with presentation and OK with fees so will see... also said how good Saima was so well done on this.”


“Excellent prospect. Big fee. Good long term chance of winning.”


“This prospect has six companies and annual sales of £5.5million. They expect to exceed the audit threshold in the next two years. Reasonable meeting and we have been asked to quote for a more comprehensive service than they currently get.”


“Quoted £1750. Suggested I should meet MD. Wanted me to compliment "Sarah" on her professional approach!!”


“Met with the prospect and her Husband... interesting business, T/O £2m, generally well disciplined and doing most of what they should, will quote and see where we go with quotation.”


“Good meeting wit the prospect, she has just lost her last accountant who has now taken up employment... she was paying much less - £300 - and our quote was nearer £800 but she seemed impressed so suspect she will say "yes"!”


“Very good lead and the prospect complimented Sam on her call so please do pass on info to her. Doesn't look like immediate conversion as prospect has accountant already but may retire soon... quoted £4.5K for annual service so very good quality lead which may come to something in future.”


“EXCELLENT LEAD. Best one yet. Fingers crossed it comes off. Signs are very good. Well done team.”


“The prospect was very complementary towards Heather, who contacted him - saying she did a really professional job in getting the appointment!” 


“Quoted £2,750 for accounts etc. £750 annual deposits report. £500 per month Monthly Management accounts. £125 each 2 personal tax returns.”


“Met with the prospect, good meeting, not very happy with their current accountants, we discussed a number of potential tax saving issues and gave some good advice, think he was pretty impressed so may well convert so will follow up… quoted circa £2K annual fee.”


“Quoted for 3 companies. One at £850, another at £850 and the property company at £550.”


“Good meeting - hopeful. Current accountants offended by asking for £1K up front fees payment with books. As partner he used is retiring, he intends to leave. Quote £2K for enhanced service compared to current service where fees are circa £1500.”


“Very good meeting, (2 hours). Further meeting to be arranged next week.”


“Quoted £950. Coincidentally he is right next door to an existing client who happened to pop in whilst I was there and will put in a good word for us!”


“Promising and very complimentary of "Emma".”


“Quoted £3750 for bookkeeping, accounts and tax. Potential VAT savings of £8,000 annually on flat-rate VAT.”


“Good meeting - interested in fee reduction. Using large firm - paying about £3K p.a. Quoted £2K p.a.- partners discussing and will get back to us. Left on first name terms - hopeful.”




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